G Optional Packages

There are a number of optional packages, not included in the Matpower distribution, that Matpower can utilize if they are installed in your Matlab path. Each of them is based on one or more MEX files pre-compiled for various platforms, some distributed by PSerc, others available from third parties, and each with their own terms of use.

 G.1 BPMPD_MEX – MEX interface for BPMPD
 G.2 CLP – COIN-OR Linear Programming
 G.3 CPLEX – High-performance LP and QP Solvers
 G.4 GLPK – GNU Linear Programming Kit
 G.5 Gurobi – High-performance LP and QP Solvers
 G.6 Ipopt – Interior Point Optimizer
 G.7 Artelys Knitro – Non-Linear Programming Solver
 G.8 MINOPF – AC OPF Solver Based on MINOS
 G.9 MOSEK – High-performance LP and QP Solvers
 G.10 Optimization Toolbox – LP, QP, NLP and MILP Solvers
 G.11 PARDISO – Parallel Sparse Direct and Multi-Recursive Iterative Linear Solvers
 G.12 SDP_PF – Applications of a Semidefinite Programming Relaxation of the Power Flow Equations
 G.13 TSPOPF – Three AC OPF Solvers by H. Wang