G.8 MINOPF – AC OPF Solver Based on MINOS

MINOPF [32] is a MINOS-based optimal power flow solver for use with Matpower. It is for educational and research use only. MINOS [33] is a legacy Fortran-based software package, developed at the Systems Optimization Laboratory at Stanford University, for solving large-scale optimization problems.

While MINOPF is often Matpower’s fastest AC OPF solver on small problems, as of Matpower 4, it no longer becomes the default AC OPF solver when it is installed. It can be selected manually by setting the opf.ac.solver option to 'MINOPF' (see help mpoption for details).

Builds are available for Linux (32-bit), Mac OS X (PPC, Intel 32-bit) and Windows (32-bit) at http://www.pserc.cornell.edu/minopf/.