G.1 BPMPD_MEX – MEX interface for BPMPD

BPMPD_MEX [3031] is a Matlab MEX interface to BPMPD, an interior point solver for quadratic programming developed by Csaba Mészáros at the MTA SZTAKI, Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. It can be used by Matpower’s DC and LP-based OPF solvers and it improves the robustness of MINOPF. It is also useful outside of Matpower as a general-purpose QP/LP solver.

This MEX interface for BPMPD was coded by Carlos E. Murillo-Sánchez, while he was at Cornell University. It does not provide all of the functionality of BPMPD, however. In particular, the stand-alone BPMPD program is designed to read and write results and data from MPS and QPS format files, but this MEX version does not implement reading data from these files into Matlab.

The current version of the MEX interface is based on version 2.21 of the BPMPD solver, implemented in Fortran.

Builds are available for Linux (32-bit), Mac OS X (PPC, Intel 32-bit) and Windows (32-bit) at http://www.pserc.cornell.edu/bpmpd/.

When installed BPMPD_MEX can be selected as the solver for DC OPFs by setting the opf.dc.solver option to 'BPMPD'. It can also be used to solve general LP and QP problems via Matpower’s common QP solver interface qps_matpower with the algorithm option set to 'BPMPD' (or 100 for backward compatibility), or by calling qps_bpmpd directly.