2.2 Getting Matpower

You can either download an official versioned release or you can obtain the current development version, which we also attempt to keep stable enough for everyday use. The development version includes new features and bug fixes added since the last versioned release.

2.2.1 Versioned Releases

Download the ZIP file of the latest official versioned release from the Matpower website.12 Note: This does include the Matpower Extras.13

2.2.2 Current Development Version

There are also two options for obtaining the most recent development version of Matpower from the master branch on GitHub. Note: This does not include the Matpower Extras.

Clone the Matpower repository from GitHub.

Use this option if you want to be able to easily update to the current development release, with the latest bug fixes and new features, using a simple git pull command, or if you want to help with testing or development. This requires that you have a Git client15 (GUI or command-line) installed.

Download a zip file of the Matpower repository from GitHub.

Use this option if you need features or fixes introduced since the latest versioned release, but you do not have access to or are not ready to begin using Git (but don’t be afraid to give Git a try).16

See CONTRIBUTING.md for information on how to get a local copy of your own Matpower fork, if you are interesting in contributing your own code or modifications.

2.2.3 Matpower Docker Image

Matpower is also available on Docker Hub17 as the pre-packaged Docker18 image tagged matpower/matpower-desktop,19 providing an Ubuntu desktop environment with Octave, Matpower, and the Matpower Extras pre-installed. See the Matpower Docker page20 for more details.

Docker images are provided for both versioned releases and development versions.